Legal and Financial Support

Our talented agents are always ready to assist clients with property purchases and legal/financial advice in Alanya.

Law  Firms

We are presently working in conjunction with proficient law firms situated in Alanya. If you want to learn about citizenship or other legal processes for obtaining a title deed, you can consult with our company’s lawyer about the rules and regulations.


Notaries in Alanya can help with legal document notarization, certification, and authentication. They are often involved in property transactions and official documentation. 

Most clients in Alanya give us power of attorney to act on their behalf in title deed transfers, bank transactions, and tax matters.

Finance in Alanya

Recently Turkish government has not let foreigners loan money from the Turkish Banks. You should make all the payments in your own capacity.

On the other hand, foreigners can open bank accounts and have internet banking easily in Türkiye.

To open a bank account in Türkiye, the following documents are required: a copy of your passport, a tax number (which can be obtained online), and proof of residency at your home address or in Turkey if you possess a valid residence permit. Proof of residency can be provided by presenting a valid invoice from the last three months.

Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +90 532 707 89 20 for any questions about Legal and financial support in Alanya.

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