International Alanya Art, Culture and Tourism Festival 2024

Alanya Festival Culture Art and Tourism

The 22nd Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival, organized by Alanya Municipality, is quickly approaching. The festival is scheduled to take place from May 24th to May 26th under the slogan “A Breath of Alanya” and will feature performances by KÖFN, Ziynet Sali, and Yeni Türkü. Alanya Mayor, Osman Tarık Özçelik, has invited all citizens to attend the festival.

The festival, organized by the Alanya Municipality since 2001, aims to showcase the city’s cultural heritage, art, and tourism. Nearly 400 stands will be set up on the Pier, featuring cultural and art exhibits, as well as food and beverage stalls where visitors can sample Alanya’s local delicacies.

The festival will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Turkish world. Local dishes, which are a significant part of Alanya’s culture, will be showcased at the food stands. Additionally, there will be a promotion and tasting of pistachio lemonade, a local speciality with a registered geographical indication by Alanya Municipality, featuring its original recipe in the Lifos area.

Hygienically prepared homemade products will be available for sale at stands operated by women, many of whom are housewives and under the control of Alanya Municipality. Furthermore, a special visit point will be set up in the Lifos area to introduce the agricultural products of the Alanya region, organized with the participation of agricultural unions, agricultural NGOs, and women farmers.

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